Impressed and intrigued by this particular creative project, we are happy to announce that for the first part of our on going open call for creative artwork, we will be hosting a few selected pieces created by several groups of children from the Primary School of Lythrodontas “Meleteion” (2016-2017), under the instruction of their Art Education teacher, Andreas Hadjiathanasiou.


The title “From the traditional to the visual/artistic pattern” describes the journey and the process of observation, analysis, skill development and artistic creation as these took place during the course. The starting point for this particular topic was the fact that the (concept of) pattern and, mostly, its deconstruction, offers a stimulus for setting the foundations for the development of other fundamental art concepts. At the same time, it was a means to achieve the school goal of the year: “Building upon the cultural traditions of the people that live in Europe and emphasizing the common attributes and the multiformity of the European culture, through cultural activities” within the framework of the European Capital of Culture “Pafos 2017”.

During the class, the pupils studied strict patterns, revealed their “keys” and their ways of repetition, observed and analyzed traditional patterns from “lefkaritika” embroideries, hand-wovens from Fyti village and other objects of Cypriot and European folklore art, including traditional uniforms and andalusian “azulejos”. Experimenting with various techniques, they chose to engrave and print on fabric in order to create group works.

The artworks that are exhibited at the studio constitute a very small sample of the exhibition that took place in June 2017, in the renovated Olive mill of Lythrodontas.

Works will be on display until the end of November 2018.

For more info about this project, get in touch with Andreas at